Sandwich Maker

The audio was taken from a series called, “Tomorrow’s Nobodies” And it’s one of their shorts. I’ve actually been a fan of them since around 2004/2005. You can view their videos here: (my favorite video of theirs is episode 4, I recommend watching that ;D) Also, here is the original video: I just saw this again recently, and I thought it’d be funny to make my own version of it. The guy in therez name is Chris too. I was also testing out a different way to lipsync stuff than I usually do, I like it this way a lot better. And also testing out 1080p quality. It’s really nice. Credit: Light – BG Twixer – For Character Tomorrow’s Nobodies – For Audio Program: Macromedia Flash 8.0 And since I still kinda feel bad for using their audio, I’ll advertise them a bit. Here is their website: Here is their youtube:

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