Pannini Grill Maker review

Sandwiches are a delicious and healthy meal that is quick and easy to make. But there are just so many kinds of sandwiches you can make, some of which are actually cooked. For that reason, there are kitchen appliances called sandwich makers that can help you grill up a tasty and toasty sandwich.

A pannini grill maker is one such appliance that can be very helpful if you wanted to cook up a nice warm sandwich. However there are so many types of makers from a multitude of different brands, how do you know which is right for you? Well, there are several things you can look for when deciding what kind of maker to buy.

1: Make sure you even need a sandwich maker. They may be cheap but if you won’t even use it, put that money towards something else. If you eat a lot of sandwiches or even just eat often enough to justify the cost, then go ahead and buy one.

2: The least expensive sandwich maker is not necessarily the best. There is almost always a good reason for something to cost more and this is generally because they are of higher quality. Save yourself the hassle and just buy a good quality maker. It may be more expensive to begin with, but it can save you money when you do not have to buy replacement parts for it.

3: Make sure to pick the right size for you. The larger the pannini grill maker, the more expensive it is. So if you are only ever going to grill up a single sandwich at a time, do not waste money on a large maker. However, if you plan on feeding the whole family or to use it for parties, then the extra cost will be worth it.

4: Make sure to get a no-stick grill plate on your maker. Some of the cheaper models out there come with a cast iron grill plate which can be a hassle to clean and maintain. Bits of food or cheese or whatever falls onto the plate and get burnt on, forcing you to really work to get that off.

If you get a no-stick surface then all you have to do is take a rag or paper towel and simply wipe it clean. So while it likely is a little more expensive, it will save you much time and frustration down the road.

5: Handles are also an important aspect to check for. You would not think something like a handle would be important, but it is. Sandwich makers have locks on their handles so you do not accidentally open it while cooking. However some models use a plastic lock for this and it will very likely end up breaking in a few months, no matter how careful you are.

So when shopping around make sure your sandwich maker has a steel lock. No sense in spending money on a replacement down the road when you can get a good one right off the bat.

Pannini Grill Maker

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Pannini Grill Maker