Not Dairy Queen! Ice Cream Sandwich Cake Recipe This ice cream sandwich cake recipe is better than Dairy Queen. This fun dessert is not healthy at all so eat it in moderation. You can make this recipe with kids, for a birthday party, for National Ice Cream Sandwich Day on August 2nd or just for fun. The only thing you need is ice cream sandwiches, milk, instant pudding mix, cool whip and a couple of cookies. https Deborah Bixler is committed to making a improvement in children’s vigor through nutrition and wellness instruction. Using superior for you grocery choices and healthy cooking classes,Bixler teaches families fun, fast and natural food meal solutions so that they can spend more quality time enjoying good for you foods and live a long and healthful life. Deborah provides vigorous living workshops to businesses, schools, organizations and not for profit groups. Programs are customized for each presentation taking into consideration special needs and circumstances of the group’s goals. As a wellness and healthy living living instructor Deb’s cooking classes focus on fun, fast and health recipes and tips. Some of the many special needs cooking courses that she has presented for special events have included diabetic, autism, vegetarian, vegan, lactose intolerant, gluten free, heart healthy and more. Deb brings whole food recipes for everyone in attendance and a call to take action so that your audience actually make changes in their lives. For good food recipes and tips

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