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For many people, cooking is an art, for others a duty getting home to the family and having to cook every day, to me it is a relaxation time being able to cook a dish in my kitchen so that my family can enjoy, the taste, the smell and the sight of true love.

But in reality, there is nothing like the comfort of being in your kitchen cooking what you want as pleasant as possible, like having all the electronics and utensils needed for cooking such as coffee grinder, coffee maker, toaster oven convection,  Small  kitchen appliances, and all the fun kitchen toys all at once but in reality, it really is where home really becomes home

The world of small kitchen appliances

If you’re one who enjoys working in the kitchen, you are familiar with the temptations offered in the form of small kitchen appliances. Cooks can be somewhat childish when it comes to their ‘toys’. Like children, they never met a kitchen toy they didn’t like. In short, order, if you indulge yourself sufficiently in these time-saving devices, the question soon becomes, “Where on earth am I going to put all this?” At this point, the devoted cook prevails upon a willing spouse, friend or cabinet maker to build a custom cupboard, with pull-out shelves in which to conveniently store their gallery of small kitchen appliances.

Like sewing enthusiasts, you’re into the mindset of ‘She with the most fabric wins!’ Just as the seamstress ends up with closet shelves overflowing with fabric scraps, cutting tools, buttons and so on, the cook can build a sizable inventory of small kitchen appliances. Sure, there are some basic small kitchen appliances we all own. There’s the can opener, coffeemaker, toaster, blender, and an electric frying pan. Oh yes, and most households have a microwave, for sure.

However, when you look over that list, those few essential small appliances are already hogging valuable counter space. Pretty soon, your prep area shrinks. You rearrange cupboards to gain a little more space. This opens up the counter space to your next temptation.

A visit to the kitchen store reveals an Italian pasta machine. You love Italian food. It doesn’t require much of a pep talk with yourself to convince you that this kitchen appliance will have you serving homemade ravioli and freshly made pasta to your family on a weekly basis. You come home with the pasta machine, shove the toaster under the counter and set to work on making pasta. You get the picture.

Once you’ve mastered pasta in all its forms, you’re ready to move on to a new skill.

Lately, you’ve noticed all those bits of leftovers going to waste. The marvelous electric food bag sealer hits your consciousness. Aha! This kitchen appliance will stop waste. You can mark the bags and freeze them, to be used in other dishes later. Yes, it does take up that counter space, but it’s going to save you money.

You read an article on the health benefits provided with a juicer. Unexplored territory. You watch an infomercial and are filled with visions of healthy kids downing cups of freshly juiced carrots. It comes with dozens of recipes. You buy it.

By the time you get to the bread machine, coffee grinder, espresso machine, and toaster convection oven, you’re in a pickle over storage space. “Let’s see, I’ll hang the electric wok from my new baker’s rack. Wow, that mixer has a big footprint. I’ll put up a shelf for the griddle, food processor and slow cooker.”

When you bring in an electric teapot, you’re screaming, ‘Uncle!’ begging for the cabinet maker. Such is the allure of kitchen appliances.

Functional Elegance with GE Monogram Appliances

I live in a terrific 75-year-old home that I just bought a year ago. I love to think of all the history this house has been through, and of everything that has happened within its walls for the last three-quarters of a century. Living in a place like this gives me a wonderful feeling that no new structure could ever provide, which is one of the many reasons I chose to purchase an older home. And amazingly, the only thing that needs to be revamped is the kitchen, since it’s still stuck in the 1980’s. Fortunately, a quick remodel and some GE Monogram appliances ought to do the trick.

I love to cook and bake, so I plan on spending a lot of time in my kitchen and want the whole room to be perfect. As a result, I’m going to have the contractors tear out everything, including the countertops and linoleum, so I can start over from scratch. I’m going to modernize the entire space, and already have a design all mapped out. The central piece will be a center island for eating and/or prepping food, with everything else emanating from that space. My new GE Monogram appliances will also play a crucial role in how the overall look of the room comes together, so I’m going to take my time in choosing the right ones.

For those who might not know it, GE Monogram appliances are a collection of top-of-the-line products from this manufacturer. They’re sleek, elegant, and contemporary, which will put the perfect finishing touches on the modern kitchen that I’m after. And of course, they’re wholly functional, representing the very latest in technology and energy efficiency. In fact, GE Monogram appliances are so much better than everything else out there that a lot of professional cooks and gourmet chefs choose this collection when creating their own kitchens, so I’m sure I’m in good hands.

Small Kitchen Appliances

I’ve already drawn up a wish list of the GE Monogram appliances I want to have in my kitchen. For starters, I need a counter-depth refrigerator that sits flush with the surrounding cabinetry to give off the built-in look that I’m after. I’ll also need a compact dishwasher so I don’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning up after dinner, as well as an under-cabinet microwave oven to save a bit of counter space. The central piece will be a nice wall oven with a four-burner cooktop above. All of these GE Monogram appliances are available in just the right styles and colors for my kitchen, so I can’t wait to order them.

Once my kitchen is done and once all the GE monogram appliances are installed, my house will be close to perfect. Now I just have to figure out how I’m going to cook and eat while all the remodeling is being done!