Kojima Giken Kogyou: Automatic Food Skewer Machines “MUV-1A”

DigInfo – movie.diginfo.tv Kojima Giken Kogyo, a pioneer of food skewer machines that develops, designs, manufactures, and sells universal, automatic food skewer machines and peripheral equipment such as automatic loaders and unloaders, exhibited its new MUV series of continuous universal, automatic food skewer machines at the FOOMA Japan 2008 exhibition held at Tokyo Big Site. This new MUV series was developed by updating the skewering process, which in the past had been done with intermittent operations. A non-step method was adopted that interlocks the ingredient skewering operation with a continuously rotating conveyor belt that moves at the rate of 1.1m per minute. As a result, the efficiency of ingredient supply was improved. The automatic round skewer feeder utilizes a new mechanism and when the optional automatic multi skewer feeder is attached, the skewer machine can accommodate all types of skewers including rifle shaped skewers, flat skewers, square skewers, and round skewers. The machine is also equipped with a computer control system that can be easily operated with three switches and features a self-diagnosis system that can quickly detect and handle any malfunctions in the event of a problem. The machine is also very sanitary because the trays that are in direct contact with the food ingredients can be removed for washing with just a push of a button.MUV-1A Kojima Giken Kogyou

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