Homemade McDonalds McRib – Video Recipe

Barry attempts to make a McDonalds McRib from home Blog www.myvirginkitchen.com Twitter https Facebook www.facebook.com From Wikipedia: The McRib is a sandwich periodically sold by the international fast-food restaurant chain McDonald’s. It was first introduced to the McDonald’s menu in 1981. After poor sales it was removed from the menu in 1985. It was reintroduced in 1994, staying on the menu until 2005. From 2006 onward, it was made available for a short time each year McRib consists of a ground pork patty, barbecue sauce, onions, and pickles served on a 5½ inch (14 cm) roll. Despite its name, the McRib is primarily composed of pork shoulder meat, according to McDonalds. However, according to Chicago Magazine, the McRib patty is composed of restructured meat products such as tripe, heart and stomach and blended with salt and water to extract salt-soluble proteins, which act as a “glue” that helps bind the reshaped meat together. The McRib Jr. was available briefly in 2000. This version replaced the roll with a standard hamburger bun, and was served with two pickles and a smaller pork patty. McRib made its debut in the US in 1981 as a limited-time item; then, as now, it returns to the menu for promotional periods. It was developed by McDonald’s first Executive Chef Rene Arend, who had fathered Chicken McNuggets in 1979. “The McNuggets were so well received that every franchise wanted them,” said Arend in a 2009 interview. “There wasn’t a system to supply enough chicken

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