Hand Mixer

Hand Mixer

A hand mixer is used for more than just mixing ingredients for homemade cookies or for putting together a cake to bake. They can be used to whip up hot mashed potatoes for a dinner meal or even to make delicious milkshakes if you don’t have a blender.

Depending on the ingredients, mixers are also handy to use for whipping up a batch of soup too. You can find these handy gadgets with or without plenty of accessories and depend on whether you want to use one occasionally or weekly, look for one that has a reputation of long-lasting durability.

You will find that these handheld kitchen helpers come in a variety of speeds. The less expensive ones will have one to two basic speeds while others will offer four to six speeds.

Some will have what’s known as short or quick burst buttons, which gives users a timely, fast deliverance of power. This is an extra surge of power specifically for when the batter is thicker and you need to get it mixed well.

You can purchase a hand mixer with or without a bowl but if you get one that comes with a bowl, those can help save you time in the kitchen by allowing you to store premixed batter in the refrigerator for use the next morning.