Go Cops! – Lucky Star AMV

3rd AMV. Had to use windows movie maker to do the clip editing, ughh it was horrible, the lag!! THE LAG!!! But fixed resolution with Sony Vegas. Enjoy, sorry for some screw ups here and there, using windows movie maker is horrible lol. Lyrics~ I walk up to the police in Detroit city And i’m like Excuse me officer I’m trying to find some weed And he’s like Shit so are we Why don’t you roll with me We’re gonna go around Pulling over some minorities Get up in the police ride Crack a 40oz inside Nigga we be getting high Me and the cops rollin round Going 60 When we see a trick ass bitch We gonna tell a hoe to drop Them titties Go cops Get the dogs Let’s go fuck with old folks That’s right, lets get high And pull over black guys Get buzzed Smoke some drugs Bitch i’m rollin with the fuzz now Po po po po Po po po po Smoke rocks With the cops Let’s go storm the barber shop It sure is nice being white Haha, just kidding black guys Waving guns At some nuns Bitch bend over we the fuzz hoe Po po po po Po po po po So we pull up the police car right up to KFC And we’re like Gimmie a chicken sandwich And waffle fries for free But everyone ran out the store And we’re like Hey come back here I’m just hungry I won’t search you for no Crack rocks n…… Thats just awful Get up in the police car Police unleash the dogs Dogs are chasing people down the road Bark bark bark bark Me and the cops Driving down uptown Tryna frind someone brown Pull over someone brown Let’s pull over someone brown

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