Deep Fryer Accessories

So, you have decided you want to fry your turkey for this Thanksgiving dinner and just bought your first turkey . Now you want to buy some to complete the package.

Some things you may be interested in buying for your convenience and protection are a 30-quart basket for using your fryer kit as a corn boil pot and some fryer glove that is 18 1/2 inches long and protect your hands and arms from hot water and oil. Fryers can be used as big stock pots for boiling large amounts of corn or potatoes for your outdoor meal.

Turkey fryer accessory kits include a poultry rack, seasoning injector, skewer set, and a 12-inch thermometer. Some of these things may come with the original kit you buy but it doesn’t ever hurt to have some extra accessories on hand for things like different marinades you want to inject or if more than one person wants to help prepare the turkey for frying.

Spice packages are available and come with a good variety of spices to try out. You can add any flavor you want to your turkey both inside and out. Marinade injectors are a great way to flavor the turkey on the inside and keep it nice and moist. There are other spices you can use as rubs for the outside of your turkey.

To make clean up easier, you may want to buy a battery-powered oil pump and filters to go with it. This will enable you to safely and neatly drain the oil from your turkey fryer pot into an acceptable container for disposal.

You will also need to buy a propane tank and get it filled before you can use your propane turkey fryer. To go along with the tank purchase, you will need a Type 1 regulator, hose and orifice combo to connect the propane tank to the burner for your turkey deep fryer.

If you plan to also use your turkey fryer as a fish fryer you can purchase a smaller 5-inch fish fry thermometer that reads up to 550 degrees and comes with a clip to safely clip to the side of the pot while the oil is heating.

Other accessories that are available are baskets and gifts you can buy for yourself or other turkey frying enthusiasts, cookbooks and videos to demonstrate how to use the fryers and accessories together to make your turkey frying a great success, and spice kits with any and all types of spices, some you know and others that sound good you may want to experiment with.

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Some would say that deep-frying a turkey is a waste of healthy protein but if you have ever had deep-fried turkey you know how good it is and are willing to make the sacrifice from good for you to not so good for you. Besides if you do not have the time to do the traditional roasting of the bird in the oven this is an awesome alternative because you can fry a turkey in as little as 45 minutes.

So not only is it good, but it is quick and using the mentioned above you will be able to put together a Thanksgiving dinner just as good as the traditional kind. Who knows maybe you will start a new tradition for your Thanksgiving dinner.

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