Big Boss Grill Let the All-in-One Countertop Appliance Simplify your kitchen with the amazing Big Boss Grill. It comes with removable grill plates that are non-stick and dishwasher safe. Turn it from a grill to a griddle to a waffle maker and more. Big Boss Grill makes cooking any meal quicker and cleaner. Only 3 Easy Payments of .99 + Shipping and Handling Big Boss Grill is the one electric kitchen appliance that makes cooking easier, quicker and cleanier. The Big Boss Grill comes with twelve interchangeable grill plates including a waffle plates, omelette plates, sandwich making plates, flat griddle iron plates and even grill plates to make donuts. Order today and receive the Big Boss Grill Recipe Book, grill plate storage rack and the Big Boss Chopper / Food Processor.

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