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According to, the first three of the top ten best deep fryers on the market as of May of this year start with a small fryer for home use called the DeLonghi D895UX Roto. The Roto has a rotating basket which makes the food that comes out of it less greasy and has an awesome filtration system and even stores the used oil for you. The lid helps control oil splatter by remaining in place when you raise and lower the basket. With five temperature settings you will surely be able to make the perfect fried foods for everyone in your family. Clean up can be somewhat problematic if you have used a wet batter for frying because it will stick to the basket and can be rather messy. The Roto will cost you about $100.

For a large the best one reviewed by was the Presto Digital ProFry. Very simple in it’s design, it has one reservoir for the oil, a removable basket, four temperature settings and a lid that also helps to control oil splatter. The Presto Digital ProFry heats up quickly and maintains the selected temperature throughout the cooking process. Food comes out nice and crispy. Several safety features include the breakaway cord and a 30 minute timer. It also has and LED screen and signals you when the oil reaches the preselected temperature. What it does not have is a drain for the oil. This does make the clean up process a bit more cumbersome but the oil reservoir is removable to make dealing with the used oil a little easier. Just make sure to let the oil cool completely before attempting to remove the reservoir. The ProFry costs around $60.

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Best Deep Fryers

The next best reviewed by is the Presto FryDaddy. If you do not have the budget for one of the bigger ones then the FryDaddy is for you. Very straightforward, no temperature setting or timers, all you do is turn it on. The FryDaddy is preset for the correct temperature for frying. It has a very small capacity too and only holds four cups of oil but for those of us who live alone or have a small family this may be all you ever need. You can’t put it in the dishwasher but with the nonstick surfaces clean up should still be a breeze. It does come with a lid that just snaps on and a scoop to remove the freshly fried food from the oil. The Presto FryDaddy will only set you back approximately $25.

The rest of the field of ten best deep fryers include fryers like the Masterbuilt Butterball Professional Series Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer, the Presto Dual ProFry, the Presto CoolDaddy, the T-Fal Ultimate EZ Clean Pro, the Presto 05411 GranPappy, the T-Fal FR 7008002 Ultimate EZ Clean Pro , the Aroma ADF-212 Smart Fry XL, and the Waring Pro DF250B. All of these fryers sell for $120 or less.

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